Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Golden Book Children (24/6/10)

She is always very polite and well mannered. She is ready to learn and sets a fantastic example, well done!

Megan F
Megan is a super role model and is always wanting to please, she tries her best in everything she does and produces great pieces of work.

Golden Book Children (18/6/10)

She is a very mature, well mannered girl, who always sets a good example and is a pleasure to have in class.

He is always ready to learn, he contributes to discussions and is a super role model to others.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Science Light and Shadow Learning Logs

Here are the Science Light and Shadow Introduction Learning Logs made by Year 3, 14/6/10

D.T. Photo frames

Here are the Year 3 D.T. photo frames that they have lovingly researched, discussed, designed and made.

Golden Book Children

Golden Book Children 11/6/10
She is a super girl, who tries her best, is very helpful and always wants to please.

A quiet, polite boy, he is always ready to learn and sets a good example, a real golden child!