Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Light and Shadows Experiment

Science shadow experiment
We drew around Ellie's shadow and recorded the length of a metre sticks shadow at different times of the day, below are photographs of the results.

Look at these photos of the shadows of a metre stick and Ellie, can you remember what we did?
Can you explain why the shadows moved at different times?
Can you explain why the shadows changed size throughout the day?
Please post your answers.
Miss Green

Learning Log Homework

Here is a reminder of this fortnights homework (it was set on 30/6/10)

What patterns do I see everyday?

What could you do?
- Draw the different patterns you see.
- Take photographs of the patterns you see.
- Label where you see the patterns.
- Look for patterns in; fabrics wall paper clothing wrapping paper towels tea towels
- Google patterns and print out some examples.
- Can you find any famous patterns?
- Can you find any ancient patterns?

To be handed in by Wednesday 14th July

I can't wait to see what you produce!

Golden Book Children 2/7/10

Here are Year 3 Golden book children for this week;
Millie is a very polite, quiet girl, who is always ready to learn and is always wearing a lovely smile to cheer us up!

Ryan is a cheeky chap who always tries his best in everything he does, he works independently and is making progress every week, well done!