Sunday, 17 October 2010

Golden book children 15/10/10

Here are this weeks Golden Book children, well done!
Abbie is a polite girl, who always produces work of a very high standard, she is always ready to learn and is a super role model for others.

Adam has settled into Year 3 really well, he is a quiet boy, who gets straight on with his work and always tries his best, well done Adam, keep it up!

Maths Sorting Activity

This week we linked Maths to our theme, I gave the class a pack of famous theatre attendance numbers for the week and they had to use Carroll and Venn diagrams to sort them. We used criteria such as; numbers in the 2 times tables, odd or even numbers, numbers that have a 3 in them etc. Year 3 worked really we and thoroughly enjoyed doing this activity. Here is a short slide show of our sorting;

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

New Learning Log Target (13/10/10)

Learning Target
To research haunted places/buildings.

What could you do?

- Research haunted places/buildings on the internet.
- Print out pictures of haunted places/buildings found on the web.
- Research haunted places/buildings at the library.- Find out why people think these places/buildings are haunted.
- Research famous or historical ghosts.
- Find out about any local ghosts.
- Find out about local haunted places/buildings.
- Research any famous or historical haunted buildings/places.
- Anything else you find out about ghosts, haunted places/buildings.

To be handed in by Wednesday 3rd November

Golden Book Children 8/10/10

Keira is a quiet girl, she tries her best all of the time and is a super Year 3 role model.

Joshua is focused on his learning, he always works hard and sets a golden example everytime.

Monday, 4 October 2010

Golden Book Children 1/10/10

Grace is very well mannered, she always tries her best and is working hard to reach her targets.

Kelis always works really hard in everything she does and she always sets a great example to others, she is truely golden!