Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Golden Book Children (28/1/11)

This weeks Golden Book Children are;


Alex is well mannered and polite, he tries his best to set a good example and has a good attitude towards school.


Teegan is a quiet girl who always tries her best, she sets a good example to others and is an absolute pleasure to teach.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

New Learning Log Target (24/1/11)

Learning Target;
To research your groups chosen country.

Rooney – Spain Becchio – France
Keane – Germany Messi – Italy
Beckham - Barbados

What could you do?
- Locate the country on a world map.
- Research what the country is like (hot etc).
- Research what food originates from there.
- Research what popular meals are eaten there.
- Does it have any famous landmarks/places?
- Does it have any particular customs?
- Find and draw the countries map.
- Find map of the country.
- Is it famous for any particular types of clothing?
- Find some pictures of places in the country.
- Does it have any famous bank holidays/festivals?
- Anything else you know about the country.

To be handed in by Monday 7th February

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Useful Websites

This week we have been learning about the food pyramid and how much of what foods we should eat, here are some websites that you may find useful to look at;

Golden Book Children (21/1/11)

This weeks Golden Book Children are;


Amber is a model student, she works hard in everything she does, she has a good attitude towards school and sets a fantastic example.


Kelis is a quiet girl who always tries her best, is a good friend to others and always has super behaviour.

Could I also have a special mention this week, for Casey who has tried so hard this week to complete all the work he has been set and has produced some very pleasing pieces.

Well done all of you!

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Missing Nintendo D.S. Games

A small favour!

Dear Parents/Guardians,
Just a short note and a small favour, on the last day of term before Christmas Year 3 had a toy day and many children brought in their Nintendo DS’, 2 of my pupils lost games on that day, one being Cooking Mama 3 and the other being Super Mario Bros. I think what has happened is that when we have being tidying up (as it was crazy that day!) they have been put away, accidently, with another person/s games. I asked the children if they would look to see if they had any games that weren’t theirs but I have had no response, so I thought if I made parents aware of the situation they could look through any DS games their child may have brought on that toy day to see if they have them. I must stress I DO NOT think these games have been “taken” I really do believe it is all accidental, but as I’m sure you’re aware computer games are expensive so I would be grateful, as would the children and parents of the missing games, if you could just have a quick look and if you find one or both return them.

Thank you,

Miss Green

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Golden Book Children (14/1/11)

Here are Year 3's Golden Book children for this week;


Lillie is the perfect student; she always tries her best, she always works hard and she always sets a fantastic example. She is truely golden!


Adam always sets a super example to others, he is always ready to learn and he always sits sensibly on the carpet, brilliant, keep it up!

Monday, 10 January 2011

Learning Log Target

Here is this fortnights learning log target;
Learning Target

To write about and research food and recipes.

What could you do?
- List your favourite foods.
- Write out the recipe for your favourite meal.
- Research where a food originates from.
- Make something by following a recipe, and take photos or bring in what you made to show the class.
- Go shopping, with an adult, and find out the prices of your favourite foods.
- Research how food from other countries gets transported to England ie bananas.
- Write a menu of your favourite meals.
- Write about what you know about healthy eating.
- Anything else you want to write or find out about food.

To be handed in by Wednesday 19th January

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Golden Book Children 7/1/1

Here are this weeks Year 3 Golden Book Children;

Joshua is well mannered, well behaved and always ready to learn, well done!

Abbie has a fantastic attitude towards school, she is always polite and always sets a super example to others.

Half termly Letter

Here is Spring 1's half termly letter;

Tuesday 4th January

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Welcome back, I hope you all had a super Christmas and relaxing New Year.

Here are some reminders of dates and topics for this coming half term.

Monday and Thursday afternoons, children will need indoor kits and suitable footwear e.g. trainers or pumps.

New spellings will be given every Monday and tests will be on the Friday afternoon of the same week, the spellings given are a focus on particular word rules e.g. suffixes, prefixes, singular, plural rather than the actual words. So when practicing them please emphasise the rule e.g. adding -ing.

Homework is the learning logs, a new learning target will be put into the books every fortnight and your child will have 2 weeks to fill the 2 pages with anything they think relates to the learning target, the deadline date will be at the bottom of the target.I would be very grateful if you could encourage your child to complete every piece of homework and to hand it in on time. It is essential for your child to get into a routine before they start high school.

Please make sure your child reads their school reading book at home. I would like them to read everyday, and if you could please write a small comment about what they have read and sign it in their reading record booklet. We will aim to listen to your child read at school once a week so please ensure your child brings their book and reading record on their designated reading day.

This term our class theme is Celebrity Chefs, so all our subjects will be related to this. During this theme, as a class we will choose a country or countries and research local food and customs from there, with this information we will plan and write a menu which includes information about the place.

Here are some of the activities we will be doing this half term;

Stories with a familiar setting (related to food, kitchens etc) and instructions.

As a school we follow the DCFS Mathematics framework and during this half term we will be covering blocks A, B and C unit 2 and also relating maths work to the theme, i.e. weights, measures and money.

Teeth and healthy eating.

Information Communication Technology (I.C.T.)
Research of food, cultures and customs etc of the country chosen by the children.

Location and information of the country chosen by the children.

Design Technology (D.T.).
Design and write a menu.

Design and make a place setting and table decoration.

R.E./Personal, Social, Health and Cultural Education
Muslim stories and Going for goals.

Physical Education
Net and wall games.

Songs and music related to the country chosen by the children and the theme ie; food and cooking.

Mrs Pound will be teaching Thursday afternoon, teaching R.E., PSHCE and P.E. to cover my PPA time.

Also don’t forget our Year 3 blog which can be found on the homepage of the school website, get blogging!

I am aware that there is a lot of information included in this letter! If any of the
information is unclear, or if you have any further queries regarding your child, please do not hesitate to see me.

Kind regards,
Miss M L Green
Year 3 Class teacher

Back to school

Hello, welcome back!
I hope you all had a fantastic, over indulged Christmas! I would like to thank everyone for all of my lovely presents, of which I am very grateful, over whelmed and of which all mean a lot,
thanks again.
I am really looking forward to this term, we have some really exciting things to do during our Celebrity Chefs theme and lots of fun to be had, keep an eye out on here for some examples of the activities we've done.