Monday, 25 July 2011

A Very Old Rock!!!!!

Since we have been looking at rocks in Science, Lillie brought in a very interesting old rock to look at, her Grandad found it 30 years ago in a river. He took it to the Leeds Museum to be dated and he found out it was 290 million years old, yes I haven't got it wrong, it really was 290 million years old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I found it totally amazing and interesting and could not believe I had held something so old, the rest of Year 3 found it amazing too. Below are some pictures of the rock and a copy of the wording that was written in the museum analysis.
The Museum Analysis;
Found; 25th March 1981
In a stream on a farm
This is the root of a tree fern which lived during the Coal Measure Times, in the Carboniferous period about 290 million years ago. It is called STIGMARIA FICOIDES. The small pits on the surface are where rootlets where attached to the main root. You can also see the vascular bundle at the centre of the main root.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

The Final Learning Log Target for this year!!!

As I'm sure some of you will be pleased to hear this is the final learning target of Year 3. It is a really nice one to end the year, I would like you to show me some of the things you have learnt and enjoyed while you've been in Year 3!

Learning Target

To show what you have learnt during Year 3.

What could you do?
- Draw pictures of things you have learnt.

- Explain in words what you have learnt.

- Look at the class blog to look at some things we have done.

Here is a reminder of some of the things we’ve done;

- Play writing - Shape poems

- Famous authors - Letter writing
- Instructions - Myths - Report writing

- Information texts - Table/place decoration

- Animation - Maths - E-books
- Changing texts and adding graphics in ICT
- Researching on the internet - P.E.
- Teeth - Healthy eating - Forces

- Haunted places - Different countries
- Castles - Mask/puppet/menu making
- Chef’s outfit - Coat of Arms

- Making a meal - Building a model castle

To be handed in by Wednesday 20th July

Golden Book Children (1/7/11)

Here are the Year 3 Golden Book Children for Friday 1st July;

Lillie is such a polite girl, she is helpful and friendly and she always does the right thing, a real golden girl!

Grace always tries her best, she is hard working, caring and a very good friend.

Knights and Maidens of Fieldhead Carr with their noble steeds!

This week, as part of our Castles topic, each pupil designed a horse puppet. They were given a template and they had to design and colour it in. Here are the finished products, with their riders and shields;