Thursday, 24 May 2012

Maths sorting!

Today in Maths we have been sorting 2D shapes into Venn and Carroll diagrams with Miss Faulkner.
Can you remember what parallel means?
Below are some pictures of us enjoying the task;
What is the correct name for a triangle that has all the same length sides?

Games Galore!!!

During ICT yesterday Year 3 showed me a fantastic website that has loads of fun maths games, use the links below to get to them. Have a go on Red Remover, it's very addictive!
What level can you get up to?
Click here for the maths games site.
Click here for Red Remover.

Gold Book (24/5/12)

This weeks golden book children are;
Kieran is such a helpful girl to have in class, she is always willing to lend a hand and she is always polite and friendly.

Katie gives 100% to everything she does and she always makes my day with her smile and her funny little stories!!

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Horse Collage

On Tuesday Mrs Kendrick taught Year 3 and in the afternoon they made a collage horses head, they turned out fantastic, here is a movie of the work in progress;

Useful Castle Links

Here are some useful websites and games that are linked to our Castles theme;
Click here for information about castles.
Click here for a castle construction game.
Click here for a template to build your own castle.
Click here for a dressing a knight game.
Click here for a game of putting some armour on.
Click here for a map of the castles in England.
Click here for a fantastic website all about castles.
Please have a look at these links as there are some fantastic sites and games.
Please let me know of any other websites you find that may be of interest.


On Friday we made a musical journey through a castle, it was very noisy but extremely fun!
Can you remember which instrument/sound represented which part of the castle?
Here are some pictures, can you find Mrs Kendrick enjoying herself?

Friday, 18 May 2012


This week we have been learning about division and remainders, we had lots of fun solving division problems using what we know and Skittles!!! We had even more fun eating them at the end of the session! Here are some pictures of us working;

Gold Book Children (10/5/12)

This weeks Year 3 Golden Book Children are;
Jessica has been working hard this week to produce written work of a very high standard and has succeeded to do so, her presentation is beautiful!

Callum always tries his best to complete the work set and he always contributes in class discussions, well done!

Monday, 7 May 2012

Coat of Arms

We have been researching our family Coats of Arms and designing our own, below is a link to a Coat of Arms website, can you find yours?

Henry VIII

During our Castles topic we are going to be learning about Henry VIII, here are some links that are interesting and informative;

Golden Book Children 3/5/12

This weeks Year 3 Gold Book children are;

Michaela is a real golden girl, she is friendly, helpful and polite and her pleasant manner and smile always brightens my day.

Amelia has really settled into year 3, she is polite, hard working and a great new addition to the class!

Golden Book 26/4/12

Here are the Year 3 Golden Book children for this week;
Rhys always works quietly without disturbing others. He is a friendly boy who tries to get on with everyone and who always tries to do the right thing, well done!

Tullyanne gives 100% to everything she does, she always tries her best and she is always polite and helpful. A real golden girl!