Thursday, 28 June 2012

Gold Book 28/6/12

Here are this weeks Year 3 Gold Book Children;
Lewis always does the right thing, he sets a super example, he is always ready to learn and gives 100% to everything he does, a real golden boy!
Jessica is a polite girl, who always tries her best and who always wants to achieve high. Keep it up!

Google Maps Work

This week we have been doing some Geography, we have been looking at castles on Google Maps, it was a super lesson because it allowed us to look at castles that we otherwise wouldn't see because we live too far away. Have a go yourself, drop the little yellow man onto a castle location and have a nosey! We saw battlements, curtain walls even a dungeon!

What castles did you look at/find?

Gold Book Children 21/6/12

Here are this weeks Year 3 Gold Book Children Micheala
Micheala could be in the Gold book every single week, she is always polite, friendly, well behaved and she always sets a good example. Well done!!!

Rhys can be relied upon to be doing the right thing, he always sits politely and is friendly towards everyone.

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Gold Book Children (14/6/12)

Here are year 3's golden book children;
Brennan is a quiet boy but this week he joined in our science discussions and showed a good understanding in the experiment we were doing.

Megan has tried hard to set a good example to others, she is always ready to learn and listens to instructions given.

Learning Log Target (13/6/12)

Here is our new learning log target, it is an open target, as was suggested by the school council;

Learning Target

To tell me about something that really interests you.

What could you tell me about?
- Your favourite hobby.
- Your favourite TV programme.
- A sport that you play.
- An instrument you play.
- Your favourite pop group.

How could you show me?
- Describe it/them.
- Use photographs.
- Draw pictures.
- Write instructions on how to play the sport.
- Tell me some facts about it/them.
- List the songs they sing, or the lyrics.

-Anything else you want to tell/show me.

To be handed in by Wednesday 27th June

60th Jubilee Party

To celebrate the Queens 60th Jubilee we threw a street party, it was an absolutely fantastic day here are the photos of us having fun;

Working drawbridges!

As part of our Castles topic in DT we designed, planned, made and evaluated a working drawbridge, here are the finished pieces;

 They are super!!!

Did you find any part of making it tricky?

Collage Horses!

Here are our finished collage horses, our noble steads during our castles topic!

 Can you explain what collage means?

Gold Book Children (31/5/12)

Here are year 3's gold book children;
Morgan is a polite girl, who gives 100% to everything she does and who always wants to do her best.
Sophie is trying hard to improve her presentation, she contributes during discussions and she tries her best to set a good example.