Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Talk Homework (26/9/12)

Here is the talk homework for Fridays Big Write;

Dear Parents,

This week your child’s Talk homework is to discuss invitations; when they are used, what information they need to include, how they could be set out etc.

Please chat to your child on this topic and others surrounding  it. This will help support their writing on Friday

If possible, could the T.V be turned off while the discussion is taking place!

Thanks you for your support.


New Learning Log Target (26/9/12)

Learning Target

To research theatres.

What could you do?
- Research theatres on the internet.
- Print out pictures of theatres
found on the web.
- Research theatres at the library.
- Have a go at drawing a set design
of a scene from The Phantom of the Opera.
- Brainstorm what jobs you think
there may be at a theatre.
- List the things found in a theatre.
- Find out about local theatres.
- Research any famous or historical
- Anything else you find out about

To be handed in by Wednesday 10th October

Mr Peatfield

Today Mr Peatfield (a former police officer) came to visit Year 3 to discuss "Saying No!" we discussed right and wrong, doing the right thing, staying safe and being brave enough to say no. Here are some photographs;

Can you remember what we discussed?
What is your opinion of the Saying No session?

Learning Logs

Thank you to all the children who completed their mask learning log homework, they were all fantastic!
Here are a few examples;

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Science; Shadows

On Wednesday we did an experiment to see how shadows change throughout  the day, here are our results;

How did the shadows change?

Why did the shadows change?


This week as part of our Phantom of the Opera topic we designed and made masks, here are the finished products, they are fantastic!!!!



Please come and see them in our classroom.

What did you like best about your mask?

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Learning Log Target

Learning Target

To research masks.

What could you do?
- Research masks on the internet.
- Print out masks found on the web.
- Research masks at the library.
- Draw your own ideas for a mask.
- Brainstorm materials you could use
to make your mask.
- Draw different shapes or a mask
e.g. eye mask,
full face mask, half face mask.
- Find out different events where masks
are worn.
- Research any famous or historical masks.
- Anything else you find out about masks.

To be handed in by Friday 21st September

Termly Letter

Monday 10th September                                        
Dear Parent,
Welcome back, I hope you all had a super summer.
Here are some reminders of dates and topics for this coming half term.
P.E.                 Monday and Thursday, children will need outdoor kits and suitable footwear e.g. trainers or pumps.
Spellings         New spellings will be given every Monday and tests will be on the Friday afternoon of the same week, the spellings given are words related to the class theme and words with a focus on a particular word rules e.g. suffixes, prefixes, singular, plural rather than the actual words. So when practicing them please emphasise the rule e.g. adding -ing.
Homework     Homework is the learning logs, a new learning target will be put into the books every fortnight and your child will have 2 weeks to fill the 2 pages with anything they think relates to the learning target, the deadline date will be at the bottom of the target.
I would be very grateful if you could encourage your child to complete every piece of homework and to hand it in on time. It is essential for your child to get into a routine before they start high school.
Reading          Please make sure your child reads their school reading book at home. I would like them to read everyday, and if you could please write a small comment about what they have read and sign it in their reading journal. We will aim to listen to your child read at school once a week (reading timetable attached) so please ensure your child brings their book and reading record on their designated reading day.

This term our class theme is The Phantom of the Opera, so all our subjects will be related to this. Here are some of the activities we will be doing this half term;
Play/script writing and shape poems / calligrams related to The Phantom of the Opera.
As a school we follow the DCFS Mathematics framework and during this half term we will be covering blocks A, B and C unit 1 and also relating maths work to theatre attendance and production costs.
Looking at light and shadows, related to a theatre and theatre productions.
Information Communication Technology (I.C.T.)
Combining texts and graphics.
Theatre and local “haunted” building locations and map work.
Design Technology (D.T.).

Mask making and set design.
R.E./Personal, Social, Health and Cultural Education
Islam, New beginnings.
Physical Education
Net and wall games.

Composition and appreciation of the music related to the theme.

Mrs Kendrick will be teaching Thursday afternoon to cover my PPA time.

Also don’t forget our Year 3 blog which can be found on the homepage of the school website, get blogging!

Finally, can you please ensure your child has an indoor pair of shoes/pumps or slippers.

I am aware that there is a lot of information included in this letter! If any of the

information is unclear, or if you have any further queries regarding your child, please do not hesitate to see me.

I look forward to meeting you more formally at the target setting day.

Kind regards,

Mrs M L Quinn
Year 3 Class teacher


Welcome Back

Hello to my new Year 3 class, I hope everyone had a super break, lets have a fantastic year!!!
Mrs Quinn