Friday, 21 December 2012

Christmas Party

Yesterday was the Year 3 Christmas Bash! We had such a fun time,  we had lots of good food and busted some serious dance moves, here are some photos;

First we did it Gangnam Style!!!!

Then LMFAO style..... Everyday i'm shuffling!!!

 Then we...   ...chilled, with big smiles!!

What a super afternoon!!!

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Viking Learning Logs

The last learning log homework was about Vikings, there were some super work done and some fantastic long boats made. Here are some photos;

Can you tell me where the Vikings came from?

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Winter Theme Afternoon

On Friday we took part in a Winter Themed afternoon, each class went into other classes and did wintery activities, my activity was Christmas card making, we had great fun. Here are some photos;

Which activity did you like the most?

Talk Homework (14/12/12)

Dear Parents,

This week your child’s Talk homework is;

To retell the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff. Think about openers, connectives and adjectives that could be used when

writing the story.

Please chat to your child on this topic and others surrounding  it. This will help support their writing on Friday

If possible, could the T.V be turned off while the discussion is taking place!

Thank you for your support.


Learning Log (10/12/12)

Learning Target
To show me what you have learnt in Maths
this term.
Think about everything you know about Maths.
What could you do?
- Write what times tables you know
- Draw what 2D and 3D shapes you know
- Show what fractions you know
- Think about odd and even numbers
- Show what clock times you know
- Draw lines of symmetry on letters
or shapes
- Show how you can measure lines
- Draw bar charts, pictograms or tables
- Show your knowledge of addition
and subtraction
- Anything else you want to show

To be handed in by Friday 21st December

Gold Book (6/12/12)

Year 3 Gold Book Children;


Olivia has been going the extra mile to do the right thing all of the time, she always sets a good example and gives 100%.


Charlie is always friendly and always tries to involve everyone in her games. Well done and please keep it up!

Gold Book (22/11/12)


Amy always tries her best, she willingly joins in with class discussions and she always has a lovely smile on her face.


Talia is trying hard to always do the right thing even when no one is watching, well done Talia, please keep it up!

Creative Imagination Workshop

On Monday Peter Swidrak (an artist) came in to work with us, he brought in a mini art gallery, from which we did an art treasure hunt. Then we did some art of our own, we took a simple shape and made it into a piece of art. Here are some photographs of the fun;

What picture did you make out of your simple shape?

Anti-bullying dance

As part of our anti-bullying activities Flex Dance came in to work with us. They taught us a dance by the singer Jessie J, who was bullied in the past. Here are some photos;