Thursday, 16 May 2013

Class Treat

Year 3 have filled in our class rewards chart, so next Friday (24th May) we will be having our class treat (not Beat for a Treat, that will take place after the half term holidays, if we achieve it!).
Year 3 have chosen to have their treat in 2 parts, the first part will be laptop time, we will be using the class set of laptops for the children to use as they want. The second part will be a picnic, hopefully in the garden but if the weather is rubbish we will have it in the school hall. The children can bring in any food of their choice for them and their friends to enjoy.
What a fab way to end our half term, I can't wait!

Henry VIII Learning Logs

I was so impressed by this set of Learning Logs, clearly you all enjoyed researching Henry and his family.
Here are just a few examples of our fantastic Learning Logs;

Tell me something you have found out / learnt about
Henry VIII and the Tudors....

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Gold Book (9/5/13)

Evie has been very kind this week and brought the class sweets in, she made sure that everyone had their share, how kind!

Kieran has been trying really hard to do the right thing all of the time and he has been setting a good example to the other children in Year 3, well done, keep it up!

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Henry VIII art work.

Here are just a few examples of the amazing observational drawings of Henry VIII, done by just using pencil, that the Year 3 pupils have done, working totally independently with no imput from me at all. I am so impressed by how talented my class are!!!

Tell me what you think of them.....


A new Leeds SUMDOG competition starts on Friday (10/5/13) at 8am, it lasts for a week. So please log on and take part, it's great for polishing up your math skills!!!

You can log on by using the link at the right hand side of this blog or on the homepage of the school website, so get SUMDOGing!!!!

Beat for a Treat

You may have seen in the classroom window a sign for beat for a treat, this is an attendance incentive, if Year 3's attendance this year is greater than last year then they earn a treat of their choice.

As a class we chose to bring our toys in and have a trip over to Skelton Woods (how exciting, fingers crossed for sun!!).

So all Year 3 have to do is have an attendance for Year 3 higher than 94.7%, we are well on track to achieve this so KEEP COMING TO SCHOOL YEAR 3!!!!

Gold Book (2/5/13)

Abbie is such a polite girl, she is always ready to learn, she always tries her best and sets a super example all of the time.

Bradley is a quiet boy, who gives 100% to everything he does, he is a great friend and always does the right thing.

Gold Book (25/4/13)

Jowita is golden in every single way, she puts 100% into everything she does and sets a fabulous example all of the time!

Mason works quietly, tries really hard and always does his best. His maths work is especially pleasing, because in every lesson he strives to further his knowledge, well done!

Gold Book (18/4/13)

Morgan strives to do the right thing, she is conscientious, hard working and polite, a real golden girl!

Amy is truly golden in everyway, I could put her in the gold book every single week, she does the right thing all of the time even when no-one is watching, well done!

Welcome Back!!!

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Welcome back, I hope you all had an enjoyable cold Easter break!

Here are some reminders of dates and topics for this coming term.

P.E.                 Monday and Thursday afternoons, children will need outdoor kits, hopefully the weather will looking up, and suitable footwear e.g. trainers or pumps.

Spellings         New spellings will be given every Monday and tests will be on the Friday afternoon of the same week, the spellings given are a focus on particular word rules e.g. suffixes, prefixes, singular, plural rather than the actual words. So when practicing them please emphasise the rule e.g. adding -ing.

Homework     Homework is the learning logs, a new learning target will be put into the books every fortnight and your child will have 2 weeks to fill the 2 pages with anything they think relates to the learning target, the deadline date will be at the bottom of the target.

We will also be continuing Learn By Heart, I set a Maths challenge (e.g. learn 3 times tables) for the children to learn over a 2 week period, at the end of the fortnight a short test will be given. The Learn By Heart challenge will be stapled into your child’s learning log, this is just for reference and can be removed.
I would be very grateful if you could encourage your child to complete every piece of homework and to hand it in on time. It is essential for your child to get into a routine before they start high school.
Reading          Please make sure your child reads their school reading book at home. I would like them to read everyday, and if you could please write a small comment about what they have read and sign it in their reading journal. We will aim to listen to your child read at school once a week so please ensure your child brings their book and reading journal on their designated reading day.

This term our class theme is Castles, so all our subjects will be related to this. During this theme, as a class we will be imagining we are The Knights of Fieldhead, we will be writing legends and designing Coats of Arms and taking part in the Iron Man Games, all very fun and exciting!

Here are some of the activities we will be doing this term;
Writing an information text on a famous castle. Writng our own legends.

As a school we follow the DCFS Mathematics framework and during this term we will be covering unit 3 and also relating maths work to the theme, i.e. time, measures and distances.

Forces and rocks.

Information Communication Technology (I.C.T.)
Research of castles and castle towns and Emailing.

Henry VIII and the Tudors.

The geography of castles.

Design a Coat of Arms and collage horses.

Design Technology (D.T.)
Design a working drawbridge.

R.E./Personal, Social, Health and Cultural Education
Muslim place of worship and Relationships.
Physical Education
Exploring Sound

Mrs Kendrick will be teaching Thursday afternoons, teaching R.E., SEAL and French to cover my PPA time.

Also don’t forget our Year 3 blog which can be found on the homepage of the school website, get blogging!

I am aware that there is a lot of information included in this letter! If any of the

information is unclear, or if you have any further queries regarding your child, please do not hesitate to see me.

Kind regards,

Mrs M L Quinn
Year 3 Class teacher